Dual N Back

Dual N Back is a brain-training app where students are asked to perform two ever-changing tasks simultaneously.

A board appears on the screen where a square randomly flashes. While […]

Vocabulary Miner

Learning a foreign language can be difficult for students so Vocabulary Miner is a way for them to stay organized and confident. Vocabulary Miner is a foreign language app where […]

Simple Habit

Simple Habit is a mindfulness app that targets multiple areas of a student’s personality. After taking an initial assessment that covers three areas (Mind, Body, Soul) Simple Habit will design […]

Animal Typing Lite

Animal Typing Lite is a typing exercise app that shows students their speed in the form of animals running across the screen. The animal you see on the screen reflects […]


Babbel is a language learning app where you can learn a foreign language with a little practice each day. Choose the language you want to learn, answer a few questions […]


Quire is a task management app where a student or a group can create projects, assign tasks and keep track of due dates. Multiple people can be placed on the […]

Lingro to Go

LingroToGo is a Spanish language learning app that combines learning vocabulary with fun trivia games. Students can choose a category to learn about (ex: Health and Safety) and then the […]

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is an app where you can set your health goals and keep track of your progress. In order to unlock workouts you can purchase a subscription but the […]


Curago is a family calendar app for organizing your contacts, schedule, and itemized lists. Heads of households can be added separately from “Junior” members who might be too young to […]

Magoosh English

Magoosh English is an app for students learning English as a second language. The app provides helpful articles surrounding various topics such as “Good Games for Practicing Your English” and […]

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