LQ: 7.85


Brain grade: 8.5
Fun score: 7.2

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,


GBoard is an application that, once installed, allows you to use a variety of Google features on your mobile device. Simply install the app and give it permission via your phone’s keyboard settings. You can then use multiple features such as voice typing, glide typing, handwriting, multilingual voice recognition, and Google Translate. The app also allows you to quickly search for GIF’s and Emojis, cutting down on search time for images to add to your text messages. 

GBoard is a free app that is available now for Android and iOS devices.

GBoard helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Working Memory: Recalling and retaining information in our minds while working.

For users who struggle with getting their thoughts down as they process them may benefit from using the GBoard Dictation feature. It works in the same manner as the Google Docs voice typing software and allows you to use your voice to make notes, send messages, etc. Glide typing is also a feature that can be used to move faster than traditional tap typing. By quickly moving your finger over the letters on the keyboard, you are able to form words at a much faster speed. For users who struggle with Working Memory, these two features are great tools for being able to express their thoughts at a speed which is comfortable for them. 

Flexibility: Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations. 

For users who struggle with being flexible, GBoard is a fun way to introduce some variety into their phone use. GBoard installs four different ways to create text on your phone: traditional tap typing, voice to text,  handwriting, and glide typing. Depending on the situation, users may find that switching between these three methods could be beneficial. For students who are studying a foreign language, these features can also be used, allowing for greater flexibility and practice with oral and written skills.


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