LQ: 8


Brain grade: 7.3
Fun score: 8.7

Platform/Console: , , , , , LWK Recommended Age: 12+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

iHeartRadio allows users to listen to broadcast radio through an internet connection and is available on a wide variety of mobile and home entertainment devices. The app allows users to tune in to an enormous selection of broadcasts ranging from local music, news, and sports talk, to international events. Additional features include the ability of users to create custom stations based on music artists and songs, browse photographs and videos of artists, and save favorite stations for later listening. Users may also use the app’s recommendation system to search out music for nearly any situation. Whether relaxing on a Sunday morning or studying for a test, iHeartRadio provides recommendations for nearly any listening preference. iHeartRadio also allows users to connect their listening habits and preferences to friends and family via social media, providing an outlet for users to discuss the news, music, sports talk, or other broadcasts featured on the app. Though the app does not contain any inappropriate material, users are able to listen to broadcasts which may contain explicit content and parents are encouraged to monitor the listening habits of younger children. This app is recommended for any user ages 12 and up.



Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

iheart 2iHeartRadio is an excellent app to help users practice exposing themselves to new interests. The app, which provides a large selection of stations to enjoy, can help users stay informed on local and international issues, listen to the latest single from an up and coming band, or listen to sports talk. Users can also create "custom stations" of their favorite artists, exposing them to new material from a familiar band or musician. Learning to approach new stations, broadcasters, music, and other broadcast media can be a great way to prepare users for new or alien situations. Additional features, like "perfect for," can help users locate music that satisfies listening needs in nearly any unique situation. Users can work to broaden their tastes by maintaing an open mind about new forms of entertainment while exercising the Flexibility thinking skill in welcoming new and unfamiliar situations.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Listening to music, news, and other broadcasts on iHeartRadio is a good way for users to learn more about their own tastes and preferences. Whether expanding their love for rock and roll, or learning more about current events, the app provides a number of resources for discovering new interests or engaging and expanding existing interests. Users can work to save favorite stations for easy location later, or even create custom stations featuring their favorite songs and artists. iHeartRadio has a station for nearly any taste and users can utilize the app to exercise the Self-Awareness thinking skill, learning about their own tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes.

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