Fetchnotes is a cloud-based note-taking app, where users organize all information using tags. It is a great for practicing Organization and Self-Awareness skills, and has been identified as being useful for children with ADHD.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage platform, where users can store up to 5 GB of data free. It is helpful with Organization and Self-Awareness, and has been identified as being useful for children with ADHD.


Spotify is a free app that can be used to play, stream, and search for music, as well as organize libraries into personalized playlists. Spotify is recommended for children ages six and older.

Google Earth

Google Earth is an incredible global satellite imagery tool for exploring the Earth. Users can easily click anywhere on the globe and explore that region of the world, either close […]

Google Calendar

Google Calendars is an online calendar tool for organizing a busy schedule. Google Calendars can be shared with friends or family, so that others can see and add to an existing calendar.


Cubby is a cloud based storage app, that allows users to store and transfer files across platforms. It helps with Planning and Organization and useful for children with ADHD.


Dropbox is a cloud based storage system where users can upload up to 2GB of content free of charge, that helps improve Organization and Planning skills. It also a useful app for children with ADHD.


Breathe2Relax is an app that helps users practice controlled breathing techniques for tension and anxiety.


eBay is an online marketplace for buying, selling and auctioning off items, and can help kids with Organization, Planning, Self-Awareness, Writing, and Mathematics.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter is an app for tracking teams and keeping up to date with the latest sporting news, and can help children practice Flexibility, Organization, Reading and Math.

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