LQ: 8.5


Brain grade: 9
Fun score: 7.9

Platform/Console: , , , , LWK Recommended Age: 5+ Thinking Skills Used: , ,

HabitRPG is a website and mobile app for tracking kids’ habits. Users create a profile, add general habits, goals and daily tasks, and earn virtual points and gold for positive behavior. Dubbed a “self-improvement MMORPG,” users earn gold to purchase new items for their characters (such as armor and swords) and can redeem gold for custom real-world rewards creating by parents (such as watching an episode of their favorite show or a trip to the ice-cream shop). The app is rather minimal, but the website is more robust (featuring quests and guilds for players to join). Some reading and writing is required to set up a profile, so parents will need to help. Once set up, HabitRPG is recommend for use with children ages 5 and up.

This game is good for kids who need help with:

Time Management

Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

devicesEach profile has within it it four categories -- "Habits," "Dailies," "To-Dos" and "Rewards." Both the "Dailies" and "To-Dos" categories can be used to help kids develop good Time Management skills. "Dailies" helps them understand their day-to-day duties such as chores, reading time and homework, and see how much time each task is estimated to take. "To-Dos" help more with long-term planning, helping kids set goals for dates in the future. HabitRPG helps children to see tasks, chores and other activities as time sensitive, and the built-in rewards system incentivizes them to avoid procrastination.


Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

unnamed-5The points system in HabitRPG offers positive reinforcement for good behavior, and in order to enjoy all the app and website has to offer, kids will need to earn tokens, money and experience points. Failure to complete good habits, daily tasks and to-dos result in players losing hit points, which hurts their characters. through this inceptive system, the app encourages kids to gain ontorl over their day-to-day habits, rewarding them for learning to avoid impulsive behavior and do what needs to get done.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

This app helps children to remain mindful of their behavior and what is expected of them, as well as understand the rewards and consequences resulting from their actions. HabitRPG is an excellent way to incentivize good behavior and hard work, while penalizing poor behavior.

Children can actively track their progress via the application, seeing where they need to improve their actions and tendencies. Children can even see which actions are most important to adopt by looking over the number of stars awarded for each task, giving them a better idea of which good habits are most important to adopt. Higher paying habits may be harder to keep up, but pay out better rewards in the long run. Tasks and activities can be targeted to remedy specific problem areas, too, giving children incentive to be mindful of their actions and correct poor behavior.

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