DIY is a how-to guide that can inspire users to participate in hands-on activities outside of the app. DIY is an app for the creative-minded, where users choose from a […]


Flipagram is an interactive social photo album, where users can choose pictures from their Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as their personal camera roll.

Days – Photo and GIF Diary

Days – Photo and GIF Diary is a photo journal app allowing users to document and share experiences wtih either photographs or less-than-ten second GIFs.


Pixplit allows user to build their collages together with a variety different presentation and “splitting” options from which users can choose to customize how they want their photo to be cut and cropped


Seene is a photography app and social media platform where users make their pictures three dimensional, therefore transforming a photo into a “seene,” making¬†pictures come to life. Instead of one […]


Magisto is a simplified movie maker which allows users to take up to 25 minutes of video footage, which the app will automatically condense, created a short, edited film. Users […]


SpacePaint is a creative photo app that allows users to edit their photos using a variety of unique tools. Users can add lightning, astrological features, smoke, and other elemental effects to make their photos unique.


Directr is a video app that allows users to shoot, edit, direct a videos. Unlike Vine and Instagram, there is no time limit on each video that restricts the functionality […]


Tracks is a mobile photosharing app that combines together many of the social media elements found in popular apps like Instagram and Pinterest, mixing together the¬†display and general aesthetic of […]


ClipChat is a video-chatting app designed to allow users to send short personalized video clips to friends and family members via an internet or mobile connection.

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