Mindpiece is a journaling app that uses artificial intelligence to provide insights into your thoughts. The user can enter their own journal entries, tag them with significant words, and […]


Zinnia is an app where the user can create a series of journals for different tasks. Whether it’s meal planning, habit tracking, doodle practice, or task list making, Zinnia has […]



Collect is a creativity and organization app that allows the user to make different idea boards based on different categories. The user creates a board, gives it a title, […]

Me: A Kid’s Diary


Me: A Kid’s Diary is an app where kids can keep a virtual multimedia diary of their daily lives. Rather than writing everything down each day, the user answers […]

Toca TV

Toca TV is a subscription-based video streaming service from popular app developer Toca Boca. Toca TV contains both original and manually curated content, created and chosen especially to encourage kids […]

Show and Tell

Show And Tell is a new, simple and fun way to share stories and events using your tablet or phone. Kids, parents and teachers can use it to enhance communication […]


Photoblend is a picture editing app for iOS that allows users to superimpose two separate images into a single photograph.


Snapchat is a social app for sharing brief image and video messages that expire soon after users send them.


PicLab is one of the more robust free photo editing apps with a seemingly endless supply of editing options from framing, text edits, exposure, brightness, color, and saturation, as well as nearly 20 different filters.


Vivoom is a app that offers users a wide spectrum of filters and effects to add to their video. With over 100 special effects that are often inspired by current […]

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