Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is a photo collage app that allows users to organize photos in a variety of creative ways, adjusting color, cropping images and combining photos before sharing them with friends and […]


PicFX is a creative photo editing app that allows users to do everything from basic cropping and color fixes, to stylish or science fiction like effects.


Cinemagram is a mobile app available for both iOS and Android in which users take short cinemagraphs, or still photos where slight movement occurs

Camera Awesome

In terms of filtering, cropping, framing, and quality, Camera Awesome may be one of the most functional camera apps in the iTunes app store. With over 100 effect, texture, and filter options, […]


PowerCam is a photo app that allows users to use a variety of filters and powerful editing tools to create professional looking photos.

Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a photo application that comes standard on Mac computers and newer versions of the iPad. Photo Booth allows users to add humorous effects and filters to pictures and short videos.


iMovie is a user-friendly movie storage and editing program that comes standard on Mac computers, and is also available to download on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Users can tag, […]


Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image manipulation and photo editing program available for both Windows and Mac. The program offers an enormous range of options, features, and tools for altering […]


GIMP allows users to manipulate and edit photos, enhance colors and add stylistic filters using an array of tools and options.


Afterglow is a photo editing app for use on iPhone and iPad which allows users many of the same editing tools that they would find on at-home editing software and […]

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