Days – Photo and GIF Diary

LQ: 7.6


Brain grade: 7.2
Fun score: 8.0

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Days – Photo and GIF Diary is an non-traditional take on the journaling app. It’s essentially a photo journal — an image-centric account of users’ daily lives. With either photographs or less-than-ten second GIFs, users are able to recreate important moments from their day. Users also have the option of making their photo journals public or private. Days – Photo and GIF Diary is a social media platform, but users don’t have to treat it as such. There’s a newsfeed that records the exact times of a post, and other users can comment either with a emoji or a text response. Like Twitter, users can recieve direct messages and search for friends by usersame or find similar posts by searching by hashtag. Users create their profile and bio where they can insert their own picture. The app also keeps track of the numbers of days they have been journaling. Because of the social media element, Days – Photo and GIF Diary is recommended for children 12 and over. But if parents ensure their children keep a private account, it can be a worthwhile app for users of any age.

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It's difficult to remember everything significant that happens in day -- let alone a week or month. Days - Photo and GIF Diary allows users to be self-reflective about experiences and friendships. Writing journals takes time, and often becomes and neglected activity. Taking pictures is fast and easy -- and they make for great memories. But it's important that at the end of each day, users take to time to reflect on what transpired using the pictures and GIFs as a point of reference.

GIFs are great way to convey energy, emotion, and the passage of time. Users get in the habit of rapidly snapping photographs of themselves or friends. Users can then look at their friends changing expressions, thinking about how their body language, facial expressions, and choice activities might reflect their mood. Days - Photo and GIF Diary is a great way to make daily entries in a way that beyond apps like Instagram and Facebook. It's a collection of personal and shared experiences meant to be shared with friends, or kept privately for personal recollection.


Users have to wait until the following day to publish any content from the day before. What may seem like a cumbersome delay is actually a method to preserve the chronology and quality of content that users choose to include in the app. By swiping the screen from right to left, users have a chronological account of all their previous entries. Users can maintain order simply by remembering to publish photos and GIFs the next day. Since photos and entries are automatically arranged by date, users don't have to do much to maintain order. Where they do have to pay close attention to the order of things is when shooting a GIF. Users will likely be able to take between 5-10 pictures in the 10 second time frame that GIFs allow. A GIF is like a flipbook, where every subtle movement must be captured to make a cohesive shot. And while users can't control the arrangement of the images -- they can control the nature of the images. Users should think about how the order of pictures will contribute to the final product. In a sense it's like animation, or more specifically, claymation, where the order of movements must be captured in proper succession. Users must organize their ideas internally before being able to shoot it. This may involve arranging or rearranging items in the shot for and interesting GIF.

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