My Life


My Life is a mindfulness app that aims to improve the user’s meditation, thinking skills, sleep, and self-awareness. The user logs in everyday by completing the “Check-In” process. The […]

Word Trip


Word Trip is a word search puzzle game that takes the player on a visual tour around the world. The game has a wheel of letters and the player […]

Push Sushi


Push Sushi is an adorable puzzle game where the player is a sushi chef trying to get one special order out to the customer. In order to do this, […]

Let’s Roam


Let’s Roam is an app where the user can choose from a variety of scavenger hunt options. The app has options for in-home scavenger hunts as well as outdoor […]

Evo Pop


Evo Pop is a physics-based puzzle game where you control a small cube-like creature called an Evo. The player multiplies and grows their Evos in an attempt to overtake […]



Papumba is an educational app for children ages two to seven. It features a variety of games to prepare children for school and the real world through exploration and […]

Disney Story Realms


Disney Story Realms is a storybook app where the user can choose from a huge selection of Disney stories. When the user clicks on the story, they can see […]

Donut County


Donut County is a physics-based puzzle game where you control a hole that grows as you consume objects. The game centers around Donut County, where raccoons have moved in […]

Ninja Focus


Ninja Focus is a mindfulness app that is specifically designed for children to practice their self-awareness and self-control skills. The app features various challenges that kids can complete to […]

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