Exercise and ADHD

Sports video games can help many kids with ADHD improve their skills at real world sports. They can learn rules for various sports, get a sense of various roles and […]


This educational game helps with Working Memory, Planning, and Math, and is recommended for kids ages 6+.

Space Knights

This strategy game that helps with Planning and Flexibility, and is recommended for kids ages 6+.


AIM (AOL Instant Messanger) is a chatting service that helps with Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Writing, and can be useful for children with ASD.


This action / adventure game helps with Working Memory and Flexibility, and is recommended for ages 10+.


Choiceworks is a handy app for creating visual schedules that guide users through multistep tasks and routines! Users can also set countdown timers, and use other time management features.


Math.com is an online resource for learning various aspects of mathematics, and features quizzes and other supplemental material to reinforce learning.


This action game helps with Focus and Working Memory, and is recommended to ages 10 and up.

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