Careers for Kids With Slow Processing Speed

The ability to scan, understand, and apply visual information efficiently is known as processing speed. It requires skills such as visual scanning, short-term visual memory, clerical motor speed, visual-motor coordination, […]

How to Prepare Kids with Slow Processing Speed for 21st-Century Jobs

Kim’s parents notice that she is not doing very well in her classes this year. While she seems happy and is making friends, Kim is often frustrated by the end […]

How to Explain Slow Processing Speed to Kids: Videos for Slow Processing Speed

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The Teenager’s and College Student’s Guide to Slow Processing Speed

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Why Is Remote Schooling Taking Me So Much Time? A guide for teens with ADHD and slow processing speed

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of schooling, and if you are a teenager with ADHD, it has probably made it more difficult. Remote schooling provides minimal structure and […]

The Parents Handbook for Slow Processing Speed in Children

Parents are usually the first observers of slow processing speed in children. They see their kids doing things slowly and sometimes not keeping up. They might find that they need […]

A Teacher’s Guide to Slow Processing Speed in Students

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Teenager’s Guide to Apps and Games to Improve Slow Processing Speed

Do you want to read faster and more fluidly? Play a video game such as Rayman Raving Rabbids or an action game such as Call of Duty. Do you want […]

Slow Processing Speed: What Does This Mean For My Teen?

(This is one of our continuing series on teens and tech where we help teenagers understand more about learning, attentional, and social-emotional concerns and how technology can help them)

If […]

Can Medication Improve Slow Processing Speed?

Many kids with slow processing speed take medication designed to help children with ADHD. Given that more than 60% of children with ADHD display slow processing speed, this is no […]