Does Slow Processing Speed Cause Dyslexia?

Many kids with dyslexia read slowly. I find this in my clinical work, when I use tests such as the Gray Oral Reading Test 5 (GORT 5), the Test of Word […]

High Stakes Testing: Slow Processing Speed and the SAT, GRE, and ACT

Kids with slow processing speed frequently need emotional support and understanding, but sometimes the best help they can get is more time to complete tasks. And this is not just […]

How does slow processing speed impact self-esteem?

How does slow processing speed impact self-esteem? Low self-esteem is one of the rarely-talked-about side effects of slow processing speed. As they struggle with lower grades and difficulty completing work, […]

How Teachers Can Help Students with Slow Processing Speed

Slow processing speed often has a far larger impact on kids in school than it does on the rest of their lives. Parents may have already adjusted to a child’s […]

Help a Child with Slow Processing Speed Succeed at Work and School

Parents often ask how they can help children with slow processing speed succeed at work and school. Some parents of kids with slow processing speed may begin to wonder early […]

The Frustration Index – Slow Processing Speed in School

Consider the definition of frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of an inability to change or achieve something; an event or circumstance that causes one to […]

Explaining Slow Processing Speed to a Child

Imagine you are the parent of an elementary or middle school student who has been struggling in school for years. They have difficulty completing homework in a timely fashion, following […]

Teaching a Child with Slow Processing Speed

We’ve been writing a lot for parents about what a slow processing speed diagnosis means for their children and what can be done to help kids be as successful as […]

Games and Apps for Kids with Slow Processing Speed

Do you use a calculator to help you with math problems? Do you search the internet to do research instead of going to the library and looking through books?

Most […]

A Kid’s Guide to Slow Processing Speed

Some kids move fast, and others move slowly. If you are one of those kids who moves slowly, you might have what psychologists call slow processing speed. If you are […]