The Parents Handbook for Slow Processing Speed in Children

Parents and Slow Processing in Children

Parents are usually the first observers of slow processing speed in children. They see their kids doing things slowly and sometimes not keeping up. They might find that they need to repeat themselves or give directions in a step-by-step process. Kids with slow processing speed don’t have issues just in school, but often display these problems while playing with their peers or siblings, in conversations with others, or when getting ready to do something. Given the complexity of this issue, our team at LearningWorks for Kids has compiled a parents handbook for slow processing speed in children in the articles listed below.

The single most important thing a parent can do for children with slow processing speed is to understand them. Showing parental acceptance and understanding and teaching strategies to reduce the impact of slow processing speed, can help kids not to develop some of the frustrations, low self-esteem, and sense of failure that often accompany it. Because kids with slow processing speed are all different – many display signs of ADHD, learning disabilities, or executive-functioning issues – we need to treat them individually. At the same time, there are kids whose slow processing speed only impacts school in a negative way. For these kids, close coordination with teachers and school psychologists is recommended.

Our team at LearningWorks for Kids has been compiling a series of articles to help parents with slow processing speed in children. Here are some of our recommended articles:

Improving Study Skills for Teens with Slow Processing Speed By LearningWorks for Kids: Kids and teens with slower processing speed may find it more difficult to study and get frustrated easily with the amount of time required for them to understand and process what they are reading. This article discusses methods we can use to help these children succeed. 

Processing Speed: What You Need to Know By Kate Kelly: For those of us still a little confused about what processing speed is really referring to, and how some of our children are struggling greatly with it, Kate Kelly has all the answers, well maybe not all of them. She outlines the differences between difficulties with processing speed and signs of kids just being kids. 

What Is Slow Processing Speed? Is It the Same as ADHD? By Randy Kulman: Do you want answers as to if your child is struggling with processing speed difficulties? Randy Kulman spells out exactly how we test for processing speed difficulties and what each test is, well, testing for. 

Intro To Processing Speed By Ellen Braaten: This article discusses accepting, accommodating, and advocating for our children who are struggling with processing speed difficulties. They lay out statistics and facts that you may not know about children with processing speed difficulties. 

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