Teenager’s Guide to Apps and Games to Improve Slow Processing Speed

Apps and Positive Psychology

Do you want to read faster and more fluidly? Play a video game such as Rayman Raving Rabbids or an action game such as Call of Duty. Do you want to be able to write faster? Skip the writing altogether and learn how to dictate using Siri on your iPhone or Google voice typing on your android phone.

Many teens and college students experience slow processing speed in an academic setting. Does it take you hours to do your homework, are you a slow reader, do you have problems in getting your words onto paper. The good news is that there are many apps and games that can help you to improve slow processing speed.

Here are some suggestions about how you can use popular games and apps to improve slow processing speed:

Become good at typing

  • It’s much faster to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper by typing.
  • Take the time and practice becoming the fastest typist you can.
  • This also makes it easier for others to help you edit your work.

Find games to help you

  • Many games can help you process information faster.
  • Racing or shooting games are great games that practice processing information.
  • However, remember to play them for only a little while each day.

Do puzzles

  • Puzzles are a great way to get better at processing what you see around you.
  • Try real puzzles or puzzle games such as “Puzzle Craft 2.”
  • These can teach you great thinking skills to help you with faster processing.

Keep track of your time.

  • It is important to keep track of how much time you spend on your homework.
  • Time yourself on an app such as “30/30” and record your times in a diary.
  • This will help you to know how much time you need to complete your homework.

Learn dictation skills

  • Dictation skills are powerful tools if you are slow at writing tasks.  
  • Learn to dictate by brainstorming ideas, speaking in prose rather than conversationally.
  • Dictation may take months to master but can transform writing into a strength rather than a burden.

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11 thoughts on “Teenager’s Guide to Apps and Games to Improve Slow Processing Speed

  1. That is the manner by which nervousness can affect handling speed. In any case, moderate preparing rate can likewise make sentiments of anxiety. It tends to be hard, at that point, to tell where the anxiety stops and the slow processing speed begins.

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  3. We have discovered some extraordinary proposals from Learning Works for Kids. They accept that computer games and other advanced media, when utilized carefully and mindfully, can be useful assets for improving youngsters’ scholastic execution and subjective abilities.

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