Slow Processing Speed and Executive Functions

Parenting a kid with slow processing speed can be challenging. Sometimes you’ll feel like pulling out your hair because she moves so slowly. If she does finish a task, the […]

Why It’s So Important to Talk to Your Child About Slow Processing Speed

If your child takes an excessive amount of time to do their homework at night and get ready for school in the morning, has trouble making quick decisions, and regularly […]

Kids Who Spend Too Much Time on Homework – The Impact of Slow Processing Speed

Some kids take hours to do their homework. You may think it is admirable that your child is willing to put so many hours into completing their homework, but more […]

Slow Processing Speed and 504 Plans

Does slow processing speed qualify a student for a 504 plan?  This is a question that I am frequently asked in my work as a child clinical psychologist. The simple […]

Improving Study Skills for Teens with Slow Processing Speed

Kids with slow processing speed often find studying, note taking, and completing homework to be long and arduous. While working slowly is not always problematic, it can be when it […]

Singing the Right Tune for Kids with Slow Processing Speed

The most important attributes of teachers of kids with slow processing speed are patience and a supportive attitude. Keeping the kids upbeat and working hard can be a challenge. What […]

Can anxiety cause slow processing speed in children?

Can anxiety cause slow processing speed in children?

Anxious kids often appear to be hesitant and unsure of themselves. They take a long time to make decisions and may be […]

Autism and Slow Processing Speed

Many kids affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have slow processing speed and are likely to fall behind their peers at school. They may struggle to keep up with basic […]

Subtle Causes of Slow Processing Speed in Children

Slow processing speed typically results from brain-based biological features. Simply put, it’s genetic. But there are other causes as well.

Brain-based causes are generally inherited features that contribute to the […]

Is It Possible to Use Technology to Improve Slow Processing Speed in Kids?

Many educators and psychologists don’t think that we can improve slow processing speed in children. But there is mounting evidence that specific types of activities, particularly those involving technology, can […]