Top 5 Games for Training Working Memory

training working memory

Working Memory is an important skill for classroom success, and one that helps young learners internalize information and put it to use when necessary. However, improving these skills isn’t always easy. Thankfully, many video games frequently ask players to utilize Working Memory in a array of ways. Whether recalling important button combinations in order to execute a particular ability, navigating complex and complicated maps, or remembering important details, there are a number of scenarios in which learned information must be applied fluidly in order to accomplish a task. These skills not only exercise the Working Memory thinking skill in a digital world, but have the potential to increase the power of Working Memory in school, work, or at home. No matter the genre, video games can be an excellent tool for training Working Memory.

The following games require players to recall and deploy important information while working toward objectives.

Our Favorite Games for Training Working Memory:

Batman-Arkham-AsylumBatman: Arkham Asylum:

Batman: Arkham Asylum puts players in control of Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting-detective alter ego, Batman. After Batman’s nemesis, The Joker, hatches an escape plan, players must fight and defeat a number of familiar villains inside Gotham City’s infamous Arkham Asylum. The game’s combat system requires players to memorize a number of important button combinations in order to be successful against increasingly difficult adversaries. Additionally, players must be able to keep track of a wide array of objectives and clues scattered throughout the game. Find out more in our Batman: Arkham Asylum review.


Echochrome is a unique visual puzzle game in which players must guide a character safely from one point to another. Navigating through the puzzles requires players to confront a number of perspective-based obstacles. Learning how to deal with each of these obstacles requires players to memorize and recall learned techniques and strategies from previous levels. As the difficulty of each new level increases, it becomes more critical to be able to recall and deploy these strategies in order to succeed. Uncover more in our Echochrome review.

Skate 2Skate 2:

Skate 2 is a challenging but realistic skateboarding simulator. Players learn to utilize their skateboards and surrounding environment to successfully learn and execute an enormous array of skateboarding tricks. Learning and executing new tricks requires players to memorize, combine, and execute unique button combinations. Players who are unable to memorize and use skills they have learned previously will be unable to perform newer tricks or increase their best scores. Discover more in our Skate 2 review.

Layton-Brothers-Mystery-RoomLayton Brothers: Mystery Room:

In Layton Brothers: Mystery Room players assume control of a rookie detective who is new to the police force and must learn from an eccentric and experienced older detective. Solving crimes requires players to learn and utilize a number of different techniques. Players must also be able to recall and recount important details from their research of suspects, inspection of crime scenes, and interviews with different characters. Working Memory is key to success as players must be able to learn, recall, and use a large assortment of visual and textual data to detain perpetrators. Get more information in our Layton Brothers: Mystery Room review.

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One thought on “Top 5 Games for Training Working Memory

  1. This is amazing. Its funny that the first rated game is one of my favorites. I did not think that playing such a simple game had such an affect on working memory. The story modes for games these days seem to get more and more detailed requiring the user to make faster decisions. The game skate is super complex with tricks and button combinations. I can see how this game requires gamers to master the button combinations in order to max out their high score. I look forward to seeing what other modern day games have an affect on executive functions.

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