LW4K Picks: Best Apps for Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is an important thinking skill both inside the classroom and at home. Individuals with good Self-Awareness understand and can express their emotions, are able to accurately judge their own strengths and weaknesses, and can deduce how words and actions affect others. Self-Awareness can also be an important skill for both self-improvement and cooperation in group settings. Whether working on a project at school, or developing and refining a personal interest, Self-Awareness can directly influence how individuals feel about themselves and those around them.

Below, you’ll find our top picks for the best apps to help kids express their individuality, develop an understanding of their own interests, and track and manage their own feelings and emotions.

Our Top Picks for Best Apps for Self-Awareness:



Blogger is a web-based journaling service that allows users to create and share unique and original writing on virtually any subject. Whether sharing thoughts about new movies and music, writing about daily experiences, or simply sharing a creative piece of writing, Blogger can be an excellent way for children to express themselves by jotting down feelings, emotions, and personal experiences, while also being granted the opportunity to see how others within the community deal with day-to-day life. Check out our Blogger review for details.



Happier is a social networking app and website that encourages users to share their favorite uplifting and happy daily experiences. Whether enjoying an early morning cup of coffee, taking the long way to school, going for a walk in the park, or simply acknowledging a pleasant sunset, this app can help kids consider the small, positive moments in everyday life which too often go overlooked. By sharing these moments on Happier, children can also explore and interact with the favorite daily moments posted by friends and family. Happier can be especially helpful for individuals who suffer from the symptoms of depression. Discover more in our Happier app review.

Stress Tracker:


Stress Tracker is an app designed specifically to help users with symptoms of anxiety, helping kids keep tabs on the situations and experiences which trigger stress. The app helps users make notes about the times, places, and situations which cause them the most anxiety, and also allows for notes and other important information to track these situations over time. Helpful feedback and analytical tools are available, which help users understand their moods and anxiety triggers over time, helping them to make informed and positive lifestyle changes in the future. See our Stress Tracker app review for more.



Wikipedia is vast — and that’s an understatement. This crowd-sourced encyclopedia featuring informative articles on a virtually infinite number of subjects. Kids can use this resource to learn more about a personal interest, to develop new interests, or to provide insight into a topic of their own choosing. Wikipedia can be an excellent resource for expanding horizons, helping to teach children about cultures and perspectives outside of their own. Find out more in our Wikipedia review.



Spotify is a music streaming service available on both home computers and mobile devices. Users can search for a favorite song, artist, or album. The service also offers options to find similar music to a preferred band, artist, or genre, allowing users to explore various forms of musical expression. Users can create playlists and organize their own personal music collection, making it a great way for kids to catalog their own musical journey, and create a curated collection of artists special to them. Uncover more in our Spotify review.

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