LQ: 8.5


Brain grade: 8.8
Fun score: 8.2

ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , , , LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,

Blogger is a web based publishing tool powered by Google. Users create a personalized space on the web for positing text, photos, videos, and other media. The application allows users to customize their blog’s theme and layout, as well as create a personal web address for easy sharing. Creating and editing new blog posts works like a simplified word processor, granting users control over font style, size, color, and format. Blogger utilizes a simple interface while still allowing a significant amount of customization, making it an ideal candidate for beginner and intermediate bloggers ages 10 and older.

This App is good for People who need help with:


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings. Communicating thoughts and feelings.

Blogger provides an outlet for creativity in designing, writing, and maintaining a personalized blog space. Users have an opportunity to explore their interests and preferences, while publishing their work to receive community feedback. Researching and exploring topics which they are passionate about, users will develop their Self-Awareness thinking skill by expanding their knowledge and developing a firm grip on what motivates and interests them. When creating new blog posts, users will learn to better understand the writing process, developing a greater sense of personal style and learn to adjust this style to cater to the appropriate audience.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.  Improving short-term planning.

Blogger exercises the Planning thinking skill in terms of both writing and design. Users navigate through numerous templates, layouts, features, and stylistic choices when designing a blog that is both visually and functionally appealing.  Learning to create a blog that is both aesthetically and intellectually stimulating is a challenge, but provides an excellent opportunity to address the basics of writing and design, especially in the planning faze. The majority of work in blogging takes place before the blog is published to the web. Users will need to develop a well thought out strategy for coherently presenting new ideas and information to their audience.


Maintaining a blog means users always have an opportunity to practice their writing skills. Learning to acquire, synthesize, and present information in a coherent and well organized manner is essential to the development of writing in any genre. Having the freedom to explore personal interests creates an opportunity to practice these skills outside a classroom. Another key to effective writing is understanding the intended audience. Blogging is a social activity designed to present ideas to a viewership. Users must understand their audience and learn to develop both technical and stylistic skill to appeal to and maintain the interest of their readers.


Aside from reading and editing their own writing, users of Blogger can “follow” other bloggers. Finding bloggers who write in numerous genres and an on an abundance of topics is both productive in developing skill as a writer and a reader. When creating a post on a new subject, users will often find it beneficial to do research. Research may involve reading other blogs, online encyclopedias, or news articles. No matter the genre, users can often learn valuable lessons from reading another author’s work. Bloggers network of authors provides an excellent arena in which to foster an interest in reading.

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