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Spotify is a music-streaming application available on computers and mobile devices. The program allows users to instantly play thousands of songs from Spotify‘s enormous library, or from their own music collection. The program includes other useful features like discovering and sharing new music with friends, creating unique playlists and importing already created playlists from alternate music players such as iTunes. The application offers a number of subscription options, ranging from a free web-based version to a premium service that allows for unlimited streaming listening through any mobile device or computer. Spotify is easy to set up and use, makinf it recommended for users ages 6 and up. However, Spotify contains an enormous library of artists and songs which may contain explicit lyrical content so usage by children should be supervised by a parent.

This app is good for kids who need help with:


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

spotify iphoneSpotify is a vibrant, ever-expanding musical archive, and as such, users are bound to come across new and different songs, artists, and genres of music. Establishing particular musical tastes is one way children and young adults begin to identify themselves, and these preferences can have a direct influence on their sense of individuality. Developing one's own artistic tastes can effect everything from worldview, peer groups, and sense of personal style. Exposure to novel styles and forms of music can help broaden artistic and social perspectives, and can go a long way towards relating to others who share similar tastes. The social aspects of Spotify makes connecting with others to share and discuss music all the easier, thanks to the app's integration with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations. Trying new things.

Spotify's strength lies in the sheer amount of content it allows users to access.  The app makes it easy to foster a diverse range of musical tastes through the use of various tools. The in-app radio capabilities will create radio "stations" based on music users select, while using the search and social features also makes it easy to discover new artists, genres, and songs. The Spotify library is enormous and includes classic, contemporary, and independent artists from across a wide swath of genres, styles, and backgrounds. Learning to explore new experiences with an open mind is an an important aspect of Flexibility,  a skill put to good use in Spotify when broadening musical and artistic tastes.


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Spotify not only allows users to stream music from its catalogue, but users may also include music from their own collections. The program offers an excellent opportunity to manage a large digital music library, making it easy to find, access, and listen to a virtually unlimited number of songs and artists. One feature which users will also find beneficial is playlist creation. Users can practice organizational skills by arranging music by artist and genre, creating unique playlists to match moods, activities, or events. Playlists allow users to sort music into a specialized order. For example, a user may want to create an upbeat and energetic playlist for running or working out, or a relaxing one for unwinding after a long day. Furthermore, playlists can be shared with specific groups, making it easy to arrange music for specific group activities, like a party, class trip or other events.

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