LQ: 8.4


Brain grade: 7.9
Fun score: 8.8

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 8+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,

Happier is a social app that facilitates the sharing of happy, relaxing, exciting, or upbeat moments and ideas with friends and family members. The app, which functions similarly to other social media such as Facebook or Twitter, allows users to post text-based comments with pictures and videos. Posts can be sorted into categories, or “collections.” Users may also follow friends and family or simply browse recent posts by other Happier users. The app abides by the philosophy that celebrating and remembering three small “victories” and uplifting moments per day can improve mood over substantially longer periods of time. This app contains no inappropriate content, but is accesible by the general public who are visible to users through a “Discover” feature. As with any social networking application, privacy settings can be set, so parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s usage. Children are also required to create a login using Facebook or another accessible e-mail address. This app is recommended to any user ages 8 and up.



Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings. 

happierHappier encourages users to keep track of and share three happy or uplifting moments per day. According to the app, taking time to realize and celebrate these moments can help improve a user's mood for long durations of time. This app helps users stay in touch with their feelings and emotions by facilitating the tracking of small moments of peace and happiness that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Users can also relate these moments to close friends and family members, receive feedback, or start a productive conversation about these moments. Users may benefit from learning how similar moments effect their peers and family members. Browsing the "Discover" function in the app also allows users to learn what moments, places, and activities make others happy. Sharing in these moments may not only give users ideas for themselves, but increase their mood as they experience these moments virtually through Happier.


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Users can practice basic organization skills while keeping track of happy and uplifting moments from their day. The "Collections" feature allows users to document moments based on a wide variety of categories, including "time with friends," "family," and "work stuff." These moments can later be sorted alphabetically or by most recent. Users may also create customized "Collections" using categories they name themselves, allowing further refinement. Users even have the option of adding text and images to their additions. Using the "Collections" feature in Happier allows users to practice basic organizational skills by sorting images and descriptions based on location, event, or any other relevant category.

Reading & Writing

Happier consists primarily of text and photo based posts relating users' happy moments from throughout the day. Though the posts are often quite short, spending time reading through an alternative means that does not require a great deal of time or a long attention span can be excellent practice to increase overall proficiency. Users have an opportunity to read uplifting comments that vary widely in length and content. In turn, users may also craft and post their own moments. Taking photographs and writing short descriptions detailing the photograph and the happy moment are a good way to practice being creative with writing. Users can practice both reading and writing in short bursts with Happier.


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