LW4K Picks: Best Apps and Games to Improve Self-Control

apps and game to improve self-control

Digital technologies are often blamed for contributing to self-control problems in children. But with the right apps and games, the same activities thought to be a recreational distraction can prove to be powerful tools for training Self-Control. The best apps and games to improve Self-Control help kids manage a range of self-regulations skills, from better managing emotions, reducing anxiety levels, and inhibiting impulsive behavior.

The selected apps listed below can help children experience a calm and peaceful state of mind, freeing them from the anxiety that can sometimes cause impulsive decisions. The games, on the other hand, support fine-motor skill development, allowing children to gain more control over their more physical urges and compulsions.

Some of Our Favorite Apps and Games to Improve Self-Control:

iReward ChartiReward Chart:

iReward Chart is an app designed to give kids positive reinforcement of good behaviors. Individuals can set up different chores and responsibilities, with stars being awarded for the completions of such tasks. Parents can set different rewards based upon the amount of stars earned, incentivizing children to build up a record of good behavior.




Naturespace’s soundscapes are soothing and offer a controlled ebb and flow of some of the most calming natural sounds. Crackling fires, light rain, crickets, and peaceful, subtle bird calls are among some of the sounds included. When children feel pressure or anxiety start to build, they can use Naturespace to find balance and serenity. The free version of the app offers five free sounds, and the natural sounds can serve as a sleeping aid or study tool for ignoring external distractions.



Another relaxation aid, Breath2Relax provides children with video tutorials for learning calming and proper breathing techniques. Children are to implement the techniques, logging their stress levels before and after completing a breathing cycle. Children can then track their progress on a graph for comparison, helping to identify stress triggers. Learning to use breathing as a way to calm oneself is a simple way to help regulate feeling of stress and anxiety in kids.

Sports Champions: Disc Golf

Sports Champions: Disc Golf:

Video games that require children to be physically active during gameplay are especially helpful for children who have trouble with self-control. In Sports Champions: Disc Golf, children use the PlayStation 3 Move controller to toss a Frisbee at a target. It takes a combination of finesse and force to hit the target in the least amount of throws. Children must avoid obstacles, account for wind, and avoid tossing the disc out of bounds. The throwing motion must be carefully monitored, and children must harness and control any urge to use too much force when tossing.

Kinect Sports Season 2: Golf

Kinect Sports Season Two: Golf:

Golfing video games tend to move at a slower pace than games like basketball, hockey, or football. Because the pace is slower, children are forced to concentrate on the many nuances associated with the golf swing. Player with Xbox Kinect, the game requires no controller, instead, children simply pretend to grip a club, and swing accordingly. Driving the ball requires a more forceful swing, while a short putt necessitates a gentle gesture, playing the roll and pitch of the course. Controlling the speed of the swing takes finesse and self-control — especially after a bogey, or a ball hit out of bounds.

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