What is Self-Control?

Self-Control is the thinking skill that helps you to:

    • Keep control of your emotions when frustrated.
    • Think before you act.
    • Stop yourself from doing something you might regret.

For example, you use your Self-Control skills when you ignore someone who is really bugging you or you stop yourself from hitting your younger sibling.

Sammy & Ugene

In this comic strip, Sammy is able to control his frustration at not being able to get the ball in the basket. Ugene, on the other hand, lets his frustration get the best of him, and winds up ruining a fun day with his friend.

What can you do?

If you get really upset when you make a mistake or when you have too much homework, you might need help improving your Self-Control skills. The good news is that we can help!

Here are some simple ideas that you can use  to calm yourself down when you get frustrated:

    • Physically hold yourself back. In class, this might mean sitting or your hands when you are afraid you are going to get out of your seat, or covering your mouth when you are feeling you might speak out before you are called.
    • Learn to be able to take a short break when you’re feeling frustrated. It’s OK to give yourself a time-out to gain control of your feelings.
    • Learn to focus on thoughts that are fun or happy. Have one or two pictures in your mind that you can easily see in your mind’s eye. For example, this might be having fun at the beach, having fun during your summer vacation, or being involved in your favorite activity.