My Homework

My Homework is an app for students to keep track of their homework, quizzes, tests, and projects. Teachers who have the corresponding app can send assignments notifications to students or […]

Helpful Homework Strategies For Kids With ADHD

Ethan’s parents have always noticed that he has a very hard time paying attention to things that do not interest him. Even as a young child, Ethan would constantly jump […]

Three Steps to Make Homework Shorter and Less Frustrating

If you have a child with ADHD or Learning Disabilities, as school approaches you are likely already strategizing on how to get through the coming school year. One of the […]

Kids Who Spend Too Much Time on Homework – The Impact of Slow Processing Speed

Some kids take hours to do their homework. You may think it is admirable that your child is willing to put so many hours into completing their homework, but more […]

My Child Spends Too Much Time on Homework

Some kids take hours to do their homework. It may seem wonderful to have a child willing to put so much time into completing homework, but more often than not […]

Classroom Guide: A Monster Ate My Homework

The Best Places On the Web To Do Homework

Getting on the Web to do homework is a double-edged sword for many kids. Whether they are looking for guidance on simple math homework or material for a semester-long science […]

Beyond Games: Organizing School and Homework

Organization may present small obstacles for elementary school children, but once kids reach middle school, being organized is vital. With so many teachers and a variety of different homework assignments, […]

A Monster Ate My Homework – Video Game Review

In A Monster Ate My Homework, players must protect their homework by knocking monsters off a platform.

Organization: Organizing material, such as schoolwork and homework