Tribes: Ascend

LQ: 8.6


Brain grade: 8.2
Fun score: 8.9

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: Teen Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 13+ Thinking Skills Used: , ,

PC (check system requirements)

Tribes: Ascend is a free-to-play, online, multiplayer shooter for the PC. Set in a futuristic universe, the player will join other players online to do battle in a multiplayer arena. There are several gameplay modes to choose from, like Capture the Flag, Capture and Hold, and Team Deathmatch. The game employs a unique system of movement where players use a combination of a jetpacks and futuristic skis to build momentum and traverse each map’s hilly terrain. Players choose from one of several classes, with each class focusing on different characteristics like speed, offense, and endurance. As a shooter game, Tribes: Ascend contains violence, but it sci-fi in nature with no blood. The core component of the game takes place in an online setting, so parents should be aware of the interactions their child is having with other players. For these reasons, Tribes: ascend is only recommended to players ages 13 and older.

Note: While the game is free to install and play, it features a business model that allows players to use real money to purchase in-game weapons and upgrades. Purchasing these items is strictly a convenience feature as players who choose not to spend money can also obtain these in-game items simply by spending a little more time playing the game.



Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Competitive matches in Tribes are intense, and the player will have to exert continuous, intense focus to be competitive. The game moves at a furious pace with players flying through the air and skiing down mountainsides at high speeds. The player will have to aim his shots well if he hopes to shoot down enemy players. Much of the shooting in the game requires precisely timed shots, and the player will have to anticipate where his enemy's location will be by the time his projectile reaches him; this is called "leading" one's shot.

The damage players inflict on each other is given a wide "area of effect," as scoring a direct hit on an enemy player is a difficult proposition. This means enemies will be shooting at the area the player is in, rather than the player himself. Thus, having the high ground is essential. Using the jetpack effectively, a skilled player can bait an enemy into low ground, scoring hits when his enemy touches the ground and using his own jetpack at the right time to make himself more difficult to shoot. Constant attention must be given to all these factors om order to avoid enemy fire and take down foes.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

A major feature of Tribes: Ascend is the class system. The game features nine playable classes, all with a wide array of customizable features. As the player becomes more experienced, he will need to make some decisions on which play style suits him the best. Knowing one's role is an essential factor for effective play. Figuring out which roles he is best at and which classes best suit those roles is heavily dependent on the player's Self-Awareness skills.

For example, if the player decides to defend his team's flag he will likely want to choose one of the games heavily armored and less mobile classes. The heavy classes make good defenders because their armor can withstand the constant assault of attacking enemy players and they have little need for speed and mobility. If the player tried to use this heavily armored class to steal an enemy flag, he would likely find that he is too slow to escape the pursuit of enemy players. By choosing his role and being aware of the best way to accomplish his goals, the player will improve the quality of his gameplay and experience.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our minds while working.

As with every shooter, knowing the layout of the maps will contribute greatly to the player's success. As the player begins he should make note of key map features. In time Working Memory will help the player recall the layout of the game's maps during the heat of battle, making him a more effective team player. For example, knowing the location of the enemies flag or defense turrets will make flag captures easier and increase the chance of success. If a player knows the location of the map's supply points, he will be able to more quickly replenish his ammunition and rejoin the fight.

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