Super Smash Bros Ultimate

LQ: 9.15


Brain grade: 8.6
Fun score: 9.7

Game Type: , , ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:

Nintendo Switch


 Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the latest in the Super Smash fighting game series. It is a game where you can choose from a wide variety of Nintendo characters in order to fight your way through levels of increasing difficulty. There are several modes to the game that allow you to fight freestyle or in a story-based mode. As you move through the different areas of the game, you unlock new characters you can use to fight as well as spirit characters which can be used to grant you additional bonuses while you are battling. 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate also features a new game called World of Light where you are playing an RPG-style game in order to rescue all of the characters in the game from an evil entity known as Galeem. As you go along fighting characters on the map, you release spirits of playable characters and other main and support spirits which can be equipped to your fighter to increase their strength or defensive stats or provide special abilities. 

Super Smash Bros is available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch. Additional characters and features are available as DLC purchases. 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Working Memory: Recalling and retaining information in our minds while working.

As with most fighting games, Super Smash Bros characters have special combinations and attacks based on the buttons that you press on the controller. Players need to use their working memory to recall what these combinations are while they are in the middle of a fight. Moreover, there are tons of different items that can appear on screen and the player needs to remember what these items do while they are in the middle of battle in order to determine whether they are helpful or something to be avoided at all costs. For players who struggle with working memory, completing training and tutorials before going into the main areas of the game can help build this skill up. 

Focus: Ignoring Distractions 

Super Smash Bros has a lot of chaos occurring on the screen, whether it is due to the elaborate backdrops and interactives of the stages or the number of characters who are battling each other for the number one spot. The player needs to use their focusing skills and block out the unimportant distractions while paying attention to the things that matter most to survive and beat their opponents before the timer runs out. For players who struggle with focus, starting the game in the training mode or setting the story modes to Easy will help with practicing this skill before moving on to harder fights. 

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