Star Wars Battlefront

LQ: 8.6


Brain grade: 7.8
Fun score: 9.4

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: Teen Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 13+ Thinking Skills Used: , ,


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Star Wars Battlefront is essentially a reboot of the 2004 Star Wars: Battlefront. Like its predecessor, the 2015 release is a first- and third-person shooter in which players can play as the Rebel Alliance or as Imperial Stormtroopers, with Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Han Solo, available as some of the playable characters. Players traverse and conquer many famous planets from the story’s galaxy including Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, Jakku, and the new planet, Sullust. There are two modes of play: survival and multiplayer. The single player survival mode pits players against waves of enemies which increase in number and difficulty with each passing wave. Multiplayer is online mission based combat where players work with their team of up to 20 player to complete the given objectives. There are 10 different options and 12 maps, making multiplayer the highlight of gameplay. Players familiar with shooter action games should know what to expect from Star Wars Battlefrontespecially those who played the previous game. The ESRB gave the game a Teen rating, and we do the same, as we believe Star Wars Battlefront is best suited for players 13 and up.



battlefront_leaked_alpha_hoth_2Our video playbook curator commented during a Drop Zone mission that players die frequently. It's true. Even though players are matched relative to general skill level in online shooters, the competition is stiff and the play, chaotic. Players can easily get frustrated, especially if they are dying twice as many times as shooting down enemies. Flexible thinkers will not become overly frustrated. Instead they will improve their shooting skills. If players are dying because they are avoiding cover, equipping weaker weapons, or playing too boldly, it's important that they not only realize their mistakes, but make adjustments. For example, players who opt for a sniper rifle will not do succeed in melee or hand to hand combat. Players should adjust their play to their weapon and "hand" choices, as well as adapt their weapon choices to a certain style of play. Experiment with different weapons, missions, and playable characters, too.


It would be an interesting experiment for players to model their character after their own strengths and weaknesses. Although Star Wars Battlefront is not an RPG by nature, players can still use the game as an outlet for the self-awareness thinking skill. Players who are confrontational or outgoing might be better off in close range combat, while a more standoffish individual might be inclined to try their hand at sharp shooting. Choose weapons and develop the character's "hand." The hands are special Star Wars cards that grant certain abilities and items like new guns and grenades. Players can choose their own, although they'll have to earn the cards, and customize their own fighter. Do players believe they are a better fit for the Rebel Alliance or the Stormtroopers? Will they play for the light or dark side? It's up to them.


Screenshot-2015-06-15-19.39.08-790x444Especially on wide open maps (Walker Assault) players need to demonstrate a certain level of self-control. If players do not, they will not get get very far, literally and figuratively, as gameplay will be an endless cycle of walking and respawning. Look at the map and use the radar to determine enemy position before jumping into combat. Make use of hiding places and cover. A player who has self-control will not shoot if from a wide open area. This will alert enemies of the position and prevent any kind of streak. And if users fire a shot without cover, user the jetpack to quickly move away from a dangerous area.

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