Snipperclips Plus

LQ: 9.35


Brain grade: 9.4
Fun score: 9.3

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

 Nintendo Switch

Snipperclips is a unique game where you play pieces of paper who attempt to solve puzzles by cutting pieces off of themselves. Two pieces of paper, Snip and Clip, work together to make themselves into new shapes and accomplish various tasks. For example, one puzzle requires cutting pieces off of one another to create a needle shape to pop a balloon. The game does not offer much in the way of direction, so the players need to be creative in their approach and try out different methods to reach their goal. 

The game can be played with one person but the two player option allows for each character to be controlled by an individual as opposed to switching back and forth. This new version of the game also has a four person “Party Mode” where up to four people can solve new and more complex puzzles. 

Snipperclips is available for purchase at the Nintendo E-Store. There is also a demo version of the game available to try.

Snipperclips Plus  helps kids practice and improve the following skills:


Self Control: Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

Because Snipperclips requires the player/players to use their creativity to solve puzzles, it is possible to become frustrated if your attempts are not successful. Players who find themselves getting angry or frustrated can use this game to practice self-control techniques. The first few tasks in the game are guided and low-stakes, allowing the player to become accustomed to the controls and what they need to do to manipulate their character. This is helpful for when more challenging puzzles appear and require the player or players to remain calm and use various strategies without getting too frustrated. 


Flexibility: Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations. 

Because the game requires you to alter your shape by “snipping” off pieces of your paper body, the game and its goals are always changing. Students who struggle with flexibility may find that Snipperclips is a great way to explore becoming more flexible while still having fun. The earlier tasks in the game are low-stakes, allowing for students to become comfortable with the mechanics of the game. This way, as the puzzles require more creative thinking and flexibility, the player can feel more confident in trying new approaches.

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