Sam and Max Save the World

LQ: 8.6


Brain grade: 8.8
Fun score: 8.3

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 13+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


In this adventure game, players use “point-and-click” controls to investigate several locations in an effort to gather items and clues to advance through the story. The plot revolves around an overarching mystery surrounding hypnotism, which ultimately involves a band of former child actors, the “toy mafia” and even the President of the United States. Players must gather information from characters, collecting and using different clues and items in various situations to unlock more of the story and figure out what to do next. There are many locales to explore, which players can travel to using Sam and Max’s car. While the game lacks any overtly violent or graphic content, it does feature some crude humor and language, as well as references to alcohol and tobacco, so it is only recommended to players 13 and up.

This Game is Good for Kids Who Need Help With:

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in her mind while working.

This game requires players to recall and use the information they gather from the environment and conversations with other characters in the game, piecing together the clues in order to solve puzzles. Players collect many items throughout the game, but their use is not immediately apparent. In order to deduce their uses, players must engage in dialogue with the game's many characters and explore the environment. Players are free to explore the game world as they please, and it may take some time before they find a situation in which to use a certain item. The lack of a clear, linear progression through the game requires players to retain information they gather as they talk with other characters and explore their surroundings, keeping numerous pieces of information in mind as they continue the investigation.


Arranging and coordinating materials and activities in order to complete a task.

While exploring each environment in the game, players discover dozens of objects and people that they can interact with in some way. Some interactions may simply serve as comical entertainment, while others may be crucial to solving the mystery at hand. Levels will seem puzzling at first, as players are not given clear instructions on where to begin. Keeping a "mental inventory" of the people and things they interact with in each level can help players make connections between them. Creating order out of the game's muddled bits of information is key to advancing the plot, as players are tasked with arranging various scattered story elements into a functioning whole. Players that fail to mentally organize the game's information will have a hard time unifying narrative elements, solving puzzles and ultimately cracking the case.

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