Romans From Mars

LQ: 8.9


Brain grade: 8.6
Fun score: 9.2

ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 7+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

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There isn’t any time to waste – an army of Martians led by Mars, the God of War, are preparing to invade Earth! Thanks to Jupiter you have a fighting chance beyond your bow and arrows, as you can call upon elemental powers (fire, ice, earth, and lightning) to help defend against the attacks. Prove yourself and your soldier skills as you battle wave after wave of fearless Martian Romans, steadily guiding your crossbow, earning streaks, summoning great forces, and doing all possible to protect the castle walls. Otherwise, Earth may find itself overrun by Romans from Mars! The game only features mild cartoon violence (no blood) and gameplay is very simple. Additionally, academic skills are not required to play although they are helpful for navigating through the armory menu and selecting upgrades. Given these considerations, Romans From Mars is suggested for players seven and older.




Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.


In the game, there are ten different types enemies that the player may be faced with. The number, order, and combination is never known and is always a surprise. Naturally, she will do better in the game when she can recognize the nuances between enemy types and adjust her attacks appropriately. For example, most invaders approach in a fairly straightforward fashion. Others, however, employ a diagonal or zig-zag pattern - making their advances somewhat unpredictable - but not entirely! Standard straight shots won't come close to hitting the diagonally traveling invaders, so it becomes necessary to aim differently in that context. Some martians move very quickly, some slower, and a handful choose to use jetpacks instead of travel by foot. Certain types are killed with one arrow while others require multiple shots.

All of these factors must be responded to differently in order to be victorious battle after battle. She won't stand a chance at winning if she freezes and does not try to respond appropriately when a new enemy pops up - it's not like the martians will kindly let her take her time! She must challenge herself to not only use different tactics to hit all of her enemies, but she also has to consider the use special of elemental powers when the situation calls for it. The Roman invaders come from all directions and sides, truly forcing her to adapt and respond quickly or suffer the consequences of failure. Consequently, sticking to one method of approach will not adequately allow her to retaliate against the various challenges the invaders will present her with.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Romans From Mars challenges the player with wave after wave of enemies during each battle. They appear from all over, in large and in small groups, and at staggered times. There should be a prioritization to her attacks, as fast-paced invaders generally need to be defeated before slower ones, even if they technically aren't physically closer than the slower ones (…yet!). The player has to really be on her toes to quickly take out martians before they start piling up and become impossible to defend against out of sheer number. They don't stop coming just because the player is busy taking out other invaders! Focus skills can help the player notice things, but too much Focus in one area can also be "blinding." For instance, it's very common to get wrapped up wiping out a group of martians (or trying to snag a bonus item!), only to not notice a separate group of Martians snuck by and damaged the wall. Great use of Focus skills in this context means being very aware that enemies are approaching from all areas and haven't stopped just because your attention is focused elsewhere. It is not only being ready to attack and staying free of distractions - although those are important elements of Focus skills as well. Stretching her attention and balancing priorities while playing the game give her the best chance of earning victory and saving the Earth while at it. On the other side, narrow focus (or barely any at all) can only impede her ability to overcome every wave of invaders and to protect the castle.

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