LQ: 8.4


Brain grade: 8.8
Fun score: 8.0

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


Monsterjong is a humorous take on the popular game, Majong. In an adventure through a spooky, desolate, and seemingly haunted field of play, players must advance by matching corresponding  tiles, eliminating them from the game. Points are awarded for each Halloween themed match. Additional points are awarded if players activate powerups and complete the level before the time limit runs out. With myriad levels and an engaging, yet concentrated gaming environment, players over the age of 4 are likely to get the hang of it rather quickly.


Time Management

Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

Generally, players are given between one and three minutes to complete each round. When two thirds of the timer has run out, players will be unable to win that level's star. It behooves players to choose their tiles quickly. There are little to no penalties for a bad match, so speed is the key to success in Monsterjong. Although looking at the ticking clock during play may cause some to panic and rush, it's important that players know exactly how much time is left, so they can plan their matches accordingly. There can be few wasted moments -- especially in the game's more difficult levels. Therefore, it's important that players constantly remain cognizant of the clock.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in her mind while working.

There's a helpful option that can really bolster the working memory when playing Monsterjong.  First players should locate the open eye at the bottom left corner of the screen. When activated, the Monsterjong cards below the topmost layer become illuminated. Previously, their patterns were very difficult to discern. Now that players can see exactly where all the matching tiles are, they can begin to commit the order to memory. Like a game of concentration with a deck of cards, players must have a good memory if they are to be successful. If players can quickly recall the location of a matching tile, they will save precious seconds and likely earn a star.

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