Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

LQ: 8.6


Brain grade: 8.3
Fun score: 9.0

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Teen Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 14+ Thinking Skills Used: , , Academic Skills Used:

Monster Hunter multiplayer action RPG where players can team up to take down fearsome foes, hunt down resources and craft their own equipment. The game melds the traditional role-playing elements of character development with the intricacies and style of fast-paced action games. With an extensive amount of weapon, and armor combinations, as well as the ability to tweak fighting styles, players can create a unique warrior and hunt they way they want. Players are also free to choose which quests they want to tackle, allowing them to progress according to their personal character needs. As a hunter grows in fame, he can take on more difficult quests from the Hunters Guild and combat legendary monsters of epic proportion. The game contains a notable amount of cartoon weapon-based violence, with battles against animal-like monsters. Some reading is required as well. Due to these considerations, the game is recommended for children ages 13 and up.



Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations

url-4From the very beginning of the game you are provided with a chest containing every basic-level weapon available for your hunter; the idea behind this is for the player to familiarize himself with the vastly different options available. Each of Monster Hunter's diverse weapons distinctly change the player's fighting style and therefore how they progress in the game. Some quests may be accomplished easier using a long-distance approach, such as a bow, others may call for quick strikes and evasive dodges, warranting the dual blades, while still others may simply require the brute force of a hammer. Mastering each of these weapons' combat style and knowing which is suitable for each quest (because you cannot switch while on a hunt) is imperative for progressing through the game and growing your fame as a monster hunter.


Arranging and coordinating materials and activities in order to complete a task


Along your journey you will discover, uncover, unearth, mine, pick, and carve hundreds of resources from the environment. These resources can be combined in your inventory to create potions, remedies, traps, and a number of other hunting instruments to aid you on your quest. Managing these resources becomes important because of the limited amount of items you can carry. If a player's inventory is full and cannot combine items he will be forced to discard valuable resources. Items, weapons, and armor can be bought and sold in towns and stored in the chest in their house. Adroit players will use the rarer minerals and ores found in the wilderness to forge new and better armors and weapons. For adeptly organized players you can even sign contracts with local merchants and farmers for them to harvest specific resources for you.


Understanding and articulating her own thoughts and feelings

urlMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate allows up to four players to work together simultaneously on quests online. Balancing skills and fighting styles between players and communicating strategies are important when in a group and require some consideration. Also, when in combat you are constantly monitoring and reacting to your party. If an ally is hurt should you heal him immediately or divert his foes to you? Should you flank a distracted monster, fire from a safe distance, or bestow attack or defense boosts to your party? These are questions the player must ask themselves minute-by-minute while in combat.
Even when playing alone, the player must judge their own performance on quests in order to determine if their strategies are working. For instance, collecting rare resources requires knowing exactly where and how to collect them; if you need to collect 3 Goldenfish but don't know which bait to use you probably won't pass the quest. Likewise, if your quest requires you to capture monster and you cannot stun it, perhaps you should learn its weaknesses from a book in the town?

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