Mario Kart DS

LQ: 8.8


Brain grade: 8
Fun score: 9.6

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

In this racing game, players control popular Nintendo characters as they race around zany tracks inspired by the classic Nintendo games. Each track has obstacles to avoid and “power-ups” to collect,  which players use to slow down their opponents and speed up their own kart. The game contains mild cartoon violence (like slippery bananas and cartoon bombs), but no blood or otherwise inappropriate content, and is recommended for ages 6 and up.

This Game is Good for Kids Who Need Help With:

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in his mind while working.

Each race track is unique and riddled with obstacles that can slow racers down, as well as include “power-ups” that can aid them with useful items. Therefore, players must constantly keep in mind where they are on the track, learning when best to speed forward and when to use caution. Memorizing the various track layouts is key to victory in Mario Kart DS, requiring players to balance their attention between using power-ups on other racers, dodging obstacles, and being mindful of where they are on the track. Players who forget upcoming sharp corners or fail to use speed boosting power-ups on straightaways will frequently give other racers the advantage, resulting in a lower rank at the end of the race.


Since the game offers a wide variety in terms of track layouts, the locations of obstacles, and types of items the player can use, flexibility is quite an essential skill when playing this game. The types of items players receive are completely randomized, meaning each time they hit an item box racers do not know what power-up they will receive. Each item has a different use, like shells that can be shot at racers ahead of you, slippery banana peels that can be dropped to wipe-out racers behind you, and mushrooms that grant bursts of speed. In order to use all of the various items to their advantage, racers must constantly switch up tactics and adapt to the situation at hand.

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