Help Me Fly

LQ: 8.8


Brain grade: 9.1
Fun score: 8.5

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 7+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

iTunes, Google Play

Uh-oh! Propeller Joe’s plane needs some help from you. See, his plane ran out of power – again! Joe needs you to fire up your brain and solve puzzles in order to connect a battery to the plane and jump-start it. The brainteasers consist of blocks that must be moved around and rotated on the grid, with the goal being to make an uninterrupted connection between the plane and battery. There are over 90 levels of fun, and new elements are added regularly as you make progress! For an extra challenge, some levels have stars that can also be connected to the pathway for a nice bonus! Help Me Fly is a very cute puzzle game that can be appropriately played by children of any age, although the moderate difficulty of the game calls for players seven and older. There is no offensive content and academic skills are not required.




Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations, especially adapting to obstacles.

photo 1Help Me Fly focuses heavily on trial and error as a problem-solving method. Blocks are placed, constantly moved, rotated, and maybe even put aside and not used at all. It is a continual process of adjustment until the final solution is discovered. Even when one solution is found, the player may not want to accept it if there are uncollected stars for the level. He then begins his tweaking and adjusting process until he powers up the plane while having captured all the stars. The very process of rotating blocks makes the puzzles more challenging, as the player has to not only play around with the location placement of the block, but also experiment with the block in different rotations. Some blocks are just the opposite and are locked onto the grid, with no movement whatsoever. In latter levels new challenges are introduced that must be learned how to deal with. For example, laser beams will not allow any block to transverse the beam without it being shut off first by a series of block connections from the battery to the generator.

Essentially, the player is actively switching between gears whilst playing a single level, especially when the level contains rotating blocks and fixed ones. In certain movements he has limitless options and ultimate free reign - but then when faced with a locked block, he has to decide how to work around it without being able to manipulate it in the way he would like to. Successfully completing a level, with any and all stars, requires a loose, flexible mind that can consider a variety of options and work with different techniques or challenges. Remaining stuck on a select method or neglecting to learn how new objects are handled, only inhibits his ability to be a winner in the game.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks, especially shifting attention.

Solving the brainteasers in Help Me Fly require a lot of trial and error. Before the player really get's into it though, he has to decide on a starting point. Where shall he direct his Focus and energy? With so many possibilities in a moderate size grid with multiple blocks of different shapes, it might seem a little daunting having to pick a specific block, orientation, and location for it. However, the puzzle cannot be solved without starting it first! Additionally, there are generally multiple ways to successfully complete a level, which means that there are many different "right" ways to chose from and the player can't use fear of error of being "wrong" as an excuse. Using his Focus skills can help him reel himself back in from any uncertainty he might have and give him the boost he needs to, basically, just do it. He may be able to examine the grid and blocks and eliminate some options as starting points, but that is not always the case and he has to just go for it and work from there.

Additionally, there are some puzzles that are much harder than others, especially when trying to collect all the stars in the process of solving it. Strong Focus skills will help him resist the temptation to give up or quit when he is stumped or frustrated. They keep him stay determined to overcome the roadblock he's up against. Failing to use this skill is detrimental in a few ways. The maximum number of stars won't be collected and new worlds will remain locked until additional game progress is made. Above all, the player will "learn" that giving up is "easier," which is not a desirable or helpful behavior.

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