LQ: 9


Brain grade: 9.4
Fun score: 8.6

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 7+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


Continuity is a puzzle/platform game available online at The concept is simple: players guide their sprite through a maze of platforms in search of a key that will unlock the door to the next level. Although gameplay is fairly linear, players are not just moving left to right. Instead, players slide puzzle pieces to create a continuous path for the sprite to traverse. Pressing the spacebar allows players to zoom out and reorder the tiles, or zoom in and attempt platforming. Consistent in simplicity, the only other commands necessary to play are the four directional controls. With 32 total levels and a high level of difficulty Continuity really tests players’ spacial intelligence. We recommend it to players who are ages 7 and older.




hqdefaultAs players begin to progress through the game, they will soon discover that the number of maze tiles only increase. Think of the first three or four levels as tutorials. Instinctually, players will complete these levels. But as more and more sliding tiles are introduced, players will need to develop a strategy in the form of step-by-step organizational method. Usually, it's immediately clear which pieces align with each other. However, success in Continuity is dependent upon the player's ability to see a few moves ahead -- much like Chess. With a starting point and an end goal, everything in between is completely up to the strategy of the player.


Adaptation is another skill heavily employed in Continuity. Because there are so many ways to arrange the maze tiles, trial and error plays an important role in the early rounds of play. Each tile contains its own maze of varying terrain. Sometimes players must jump down and sometimes they must move laterally. Once players determine the general direction of their next move, they must arrange the tiles in a way that allows them to get one step closer to the key; and finally to the door. The spacial challenges inherent in Continuity's gameplay make for a great flexibility exercise, as players adapt to their surrounding while simultaneously adopting new strategies.

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