And Yet It Moves

LQ: 8.5


Brain grade: 8.2
Fun score: 8.8

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 9+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


And Yet It Moves is a 2D puzzle game where players rotate the world to help guide their character to the end of the level. Players can run and jump, but rotating the screen is the primary way to advance in the game. Rotating the world shifts gravity with the screen, changing the direction players fall. If the player falls from too high up, or lands in a trap, they must restart at the most recent checkpoint. There is no violence or inappropriate content in the game and no academic skills are required to play, but the puzzles may be a bit too hard for very young children. As such, And Yet It Moves is recommended to players ages 8 and up.

This Game is Good for Kids Who Need Help With:


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

And Yet it Moves Educational Game Review image 1The main way of advancing through a level is by rotating the game world, a mechanic that starts off simple enough, but gets quite difficult later in the game. This means players will likely not get it right on their first try, requiring them to take a trial-and-error approach. By playing around with the layout of the level, players can try several approaches, identifying what works and what does not. Doing this requires an element of metacognition -- thinking about your own thinking -- as players must be able to identify working strategies and abandon unsuccessful methods. This skill only becomes more valuable as players progress deeper into the game's more difficult levels.


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Each of the game's 17 levels differ in design, each offering unique challenges. One level may have players rotating the world to move with precision, while another may task them with solving puzzles while free-falling. Each level is made to change the player's perception of how the game mechanics can be used, introducing new ways to rotate the world around and reach a destination. Some puzzles may take time to figure out, sometimes requiring players to completely shift their approach in order to progress. If players think rigidly, they'll have a hard time cracking the game's tougher puzzles.

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