Rescue Wings

In Rescue Wings, the player controls a fire-fighting dog as he flies a plane to put out forest fires. The player has to fly the plane and also load water […]


DROP’d is an easy game to pick up. All the player has to do is tap the screen to drop the character onto the green platform below. Of course, timing […]


Oco is a one-touch puzzle game. The player must collect all the dots from a maze like circular puzzle using as few taps as possible. It is also important to […]

Brain Fever: Logic Challenge

Brain Fever: Logic Challenge is a math-based game. Each level opens with two rows of positive and negative numbers. At the top of the screen is a goal number (such […]

Harmony: Melody Mirror

Harmony: Melody Mirror has multiple different names. On the developer’s website it is Harmony: Melody Notes. On IOS it is Harmony: Melody Mirror. And on the Google Play store it is Harmony: […]

Ava Airborne

Ava Airborne asks the player to keep a hang-glider in the air for as long as possible. Along the way, the player will encounter things like cannons (which shoot the […]

Mars: Mars

Mars: Mars is a platform jumping game. The premise is that explorers have headed to the red planet and are exploring via jet pack. The challenge comes from the fact […]


Memopoly is a memory game with a twist and a large helping of beautiful graphics. The player is given a picture on the right hand of the screen and a […]

Pigeon Wings Strike

Pigeon Wings Strike is a fast-paced flying arcade game with tilt controls. The player is in charge of a pigeon who is flying an airplane. They control the airplane by […]

The Kreator

The Kreator is an easy-going game that still allows for thinking skills practice. The player controls a ball of light, rolling and bouncing along the surface of a planet. As […]

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