Sky View is an amazing augmented reality app that reveals the stars, planets, and other astrological features that surround the user.


PIXEL’D is a really unique app for creating classic pixel images and even simple animations. Users can create their own images, or use classic Disney characters.

TouchChat HD

TouchChat HD is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assistive technology tool that can be used by individuals who struggle to communicate verbally. is a great website and app for listening to a variety of online radio stations, or for creating your own unique playlist and sharing music with others.


iCal is an organizational calendar application that allows users to keep track of busy schedules by using color coding and easy-to-edit interface.

InstaCollage Pro

InstaCollage is a mobile app that allows users to organize their photographs in collages, using a series of effects, filters, and frames.


iBooks is Apple’s online hub for browsing and downloading digital books, and can help children practice Focus, Working Memory, Self-Awareness and Reading.


Garage Band is an audio recording application that allows users to create music using digital or real instruments. They can then edit and mix tracks to create professional-quality audio tracks.

Game Your Video

Game Your Video is a great app for shooting and editing videos on-the-go. Users can easily apply professional looking filters and share videos with friends and family with the press of a button.


Blio is an online e-reader and e-library that is available both on the web, and in an app version.

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