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Idea Bucket is an app that makes it easy to weigh options before making a decision, helping users to lay out their ideas in an organized fashion and make thoughtful, well-informed decisions. Projects can be easily categorized, and users can implement a “scoring” system to rate the options they lay out. This information can then be viewed on a spreadsheet to see which idea ranked the highest overall, offering a clear visual way to determine the best choices for difficult situations. The app makes it easy for anyone to tackle a problem in a thorough manner, allowing users to create a game plan for projects large and small. Due to the apps ease of use and simple and intuitive presentation, Idea Bucket is recommended for users ages 7 and up.

This app is good for kids who need help with:


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

In order to get the most out of Idea Bucket, users must first understand themselves in order to create outcomes that best fit them uniquely. Idea Bucket encourages users to recognize important decision that need to be made, helping them consider the outcomes, and plan ahead. Users are asked to consider what the most important factors relating to an important decision are, and offers ways to determine a range of possible choices and analyze which decision best fits the situation. This helps users think about personal choices, preferences, and long-term goals, and gain a broadened view of their own tendencies, limitations and abilities.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

This app encourages users to plan thoroughly before making a major decision. They'll need to lay out all their options, determine a criteria for ranking each item, and plot out a course of action. In this way,  Idea Bucket helps users avoid making an impulsive or poorly thought-out choice. The app will allows users to make the best choices for any important decisions, empowering them to practice good Planning skills and prioritize what's most important in their day to day life. With the right amount of planning, Idea Bucket can be a powerful tool for weighing options and deciding on the best course of action to take for decisions large and small.


Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

Rather than impulsively making a decision, users of Idea Bucket will need to take a step back and consider all possibilities. It may seem easy to just make a choice without considering the consequences, but often times the results are unpredictable and may result in the poorly thought-out decisions. By using Idea Bucket, users can get in the habit of evaluating options before making a decision, rather than acting hastily ot going with the first option that comes to mind. By making the effort to think about different possibilities, users can slow down the decision making process, allowing them to "look before leaping."

In order to get the most out of Idea Bucket, follow some of our suggestions below, or let us know what works best for you in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Self-Awareness Activity

Encourage your child to practice Self-Awareness by helping him think of some times when he didn't always make the right choice. Use Idea Bucket to explain the benefits of understanding his own tendencies, and how stopping to weigh options can help him to make better decision. Pick an important decision to make, like what classes to take at school, what subject to cover for a class project or even which sports or extra-curricular activity to tryout for. What are important factors to make in these decisions? What are the possible outcomes of each choice?

Encourage your child to explore what is important to him with each decision he makes, helping him discover what is valuable to him when faced with difficult choices. Whether this is before he joins a sports team, or selects a venue for his birthday party, he is more likely to make the most pertinent choice if he evaluates each possibility and understands his own tendencies and preferences.

Planning Activity

Make this app a part of your child's regular routine. This can be used from everything from picking the right outfit, to selecting a potential college. Rather than making an impulsive decision, your child will have to think about the process of weighing options, and the various factors that come into play when making big decisions and deciding on the best possible choice. Empower him to plan out difficult decisions in his day and talk about what is important to him for each choice he has to make. Doing so will help him better able plan out activities and make tough decisions on his own -- an important skill when talking to an adult or a teacher may not be an option. By taking control of the decision making process, he will feel more in control of his time and be better suited to tackle tasks in a well thought-out way.

Self-Control Activity

Some kids have trouble understanding when they are acting irrational and jumping to quick decisions. Idea Bucket can be used to help your child better understand his own behavior, laying out the possible outcomes of various courses of action. Have your child lay out good and bad options for a big upcoming decision, explaining why one course of action is better than another. By being able to identify times he is being impulsive, he can better grasp the sometimes negative effects of making choices on a whim, or without considering the commitment involved or myriad of following consequences. Help remind him of what he should do in certain scenarios, using the app as a model for communication this to your child. This will help him get in the habit of taking a  step back to weigh options before making an informed decision.

Idea Bucket & ADHD

Using Idea Bucket requires users to stop and think about their choices before making a decision. This can be an especially helpful strategy for children with ADHD, who tend to make impulsive decisions without considering all of the options and consequences.

How to Use Idea Bucket for Children with ADHD:

  • Model appropriate usage of Idea Bucket first for your child. This can mean taking time to choose a vacation destination, a new car, or another major decision that requires careful thought. Think out loud about the choices as you establish criteria and rate each item. Then, discuss the results of the comparisons and explain why you make a choice you choose.
  • Require that your child use this app before making hasty decisions. While it would be great for him to exercise Self-Control and remember to stop and use it on his own, he may need your help in sticking to it. Before signing him up for another sport or activity, make him consider the time commitment, his interest level, and any possible pros or cons by using Idea Bucket.
  • Use Idea Bucket to help plan out your child's day. Talk to him about what choices he finds difficult in the course of a school day and help him use Idea Bucket to plan out his actions for the day ahead of time rather than making an impulsive decision when eventually faced with the choice later that day. This will help him realize the importance of planning and considering his options, giving him the control he needs to accomplish his tasks in a well-thought out manner.

Though Idea Bucket is a very unique app, there are other alternatives for decision making apps. Try out the alternatives below and let us know your favorite one in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Great Decisions:

This app is very similar to Idea Bucket in that it allows users to establish criteria and evaluate each decision in the same manner for easy comparison. Users can also create to-do lists for each task. Find out more here.


DecisionMaker Pro!:

DecisionMaker Pro! operates similarly to the apps above, using sliders and criteria evaluation to determine the best choice. Find out more here.



This app is slightly different, in that users cannot evaluate just any decision. Rather, Hunch provides users with recommendations based on certain constraints that are set by the user. They can then pick a new restaurant for dinner, choose a venue, and more. Find out more here.

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