Unread is a reading app that lets users compile articles from selected RSS feeds to find reading material that interests them.


Winston is a off-shoot of the Siri app, where users can receive a personalized aggregated list of all types of narrated news stories


Feedly isa news aggregation app that provides an organized and personalized feed of online news sources.


Pulse is a new app where users can choose which types of news they would like to receive from an library of categories like “lifestyle,” “news,” and “entertainment.”

Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports is a free mobile sporting news app where users can follow their favorite teams, getting personalized statistics,standings, and stories pushed to their devices.


News-O-Matic is an e-newspaper that features interesting articles about current events from around the world. The app is designed to be easy to read and understand for young children.


iHeartRadio allows users to listen to broadcast radio through an internet connection and is available on a wide variety of mobile and home entertainment devices.

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio is an app designed to allow users to listen to thousands of radio broadcasts and podcasts from around the world.


Pocket is an application available across a large variety of platforms that allows users to store, sort, and share digital content from the web.

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