LQ: 8.9


Brain grade: 9.1
Fun score: 8.7

Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 12+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:

Storehouse is an iPad app that can really bring a story to life. Using videos, pictures, and text, users create an interactive presentation of an activity, vacation, or idea. Storehouse offers users a wealth of creative and intuitive features in order to help them present their creation in a unique way. Users can add text to their pictures and videos — much like they would with a blog, except that Storehouse has a more traditional “page turning” functionality. Users can add up to 50 videos or pictures per story, and GIFs are welcome too. Images are especially compelling on a title page, and can be uploaded directly from Dropbox, Flickr, or Instagram. Storehouse is a multimedia experience — like pairing a magazine with a short documentary. It’s great for users of all ages, as there are many different design options and ways to approach each new story. However, because it’s also a social platform, it’s best suited for users 12 and older, due to the possibility of inappropriate content from other users’ stories.

this app is good for kids who need help with:


What's great about Storehouse is that it allows users to tell a story from their point of view. Users can customize everything from the size of the photo (and its filter, using Instagram) to the color and prominence of the font. Storehouse is a great tool for creative expressive, as it enables users to share their own personal story with readers. The app helps paint a "full picture," affording users the opportunity to use three different types of mediums to express an idea -- all of which can appear on the same page. And the stories are not just for other readers. Once they finish their multimedia story, users should take time to reflect on the themes and idea they expressed, and compare the finished piece to their actual experience.


Telling a story takes more than just flash. It takes a thoughtful and careful organization of idea. First users must engage their reader -- with a eye-catching GIF, or a good title. The story should also follow a chronology in its pictures and text. Stories that have pictures that clash with the text, or poorly arranged text will detract from the story's effectiveness, and ultimately lose reader. Users should make it so that there is a healthy distribution of images, videos, and text, all placed in a consistent order, to keep reader engaged and cognizant of what is being described.


Even though Storehouse has so many options for inserting, sizing, and coloring photos and video, users should not neglect text. Captions should be employed tasteful, and users should have a sense of where to place longer pieces of text. Instead of being a straightforward writing app, Storehouse can help users be more tasteful and poignant with their word choice -- using only text when it will add and not detract from the story. Users should take a "magazine article" approach when writing.

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