LQ: 8


Brain grade: 8.4
Fun score: 7.6

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 8+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Paper is a combination canvas, notepad, and unique photo editor. It’s a productivity app with a creative slant. Like other virtual notebook or sketchbooks Paper allows users to write or sketch ideas. These ideas can really come to life on Paper’s canvas, as users can choose from many different brush sizes and colors and employ them effectively with the app’s  touch screen controls, which are sensitive enough to allow for shading, color blending, and realistic sketching. Each project is easy to save, search, and share on a number of social platforms. The sketch tool seems to have been given the most attention by the developers. It can be a powerful inspiration tool for professionals design,  students, or just a casual user. As a productively app, Paper is very helpful for users redecorating a room, making lists, putting together a brief presentation, or grouping together related ideas in a “folder.” And while a stylus is recommended, it is not essential for use. Although the Paper may be best suited for older students and professionals, we recommend it to all users 8 and older.



mza_938101609097022471.480x480-75Because Paper was designed to be a productivity app, it can be great planning tool. Users can make personalized to-do lists and group them together in one place. The photo editor is a unique example of how the app helps practice the planning thinking skill. A spotlight feature highlights and improves focus on a certain portion of the frame. A “draw diagram” function allows users to hand-draw a note, make a measurement, jot down an idea. Additional lines, arrows, and colors can be added later for effect. Using the photo editor can be a great way to make redesigning or redecorating a room much easier process. The editor can highlight marked differences in a before and after picture, or simply note objects in a room that need adjustment. Think of the editor as a good way to compare and contrast, laying the visual groundwork for a task.


Creative apps tend to exemplify the self-awareness thinking skill. The catchphrase the Paper developers chose is example enough:  “when inspiration happens, put it on Paper.” The paintbrush tools are responsive and realistic. When users get the hang of using the touch screen in a continuous motion, they will be able to recreate visual ideas like they would on a real canvas or notepad. Use Paper as a place to store ideas until they can be fully fleshed out at a later date. Combining the practicality of a productivity app with the creative elements of a paint/drawing tool makes the Paper app a great way to practice and explore the planning and self-awareness thinking skills.

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