LQ: 8.1


Brain grade: 8.4
Fun score: 7.7

Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 8+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Makr is the perfect app for fun do-it-yourself projects.  The app allows user to create their own personalized pieces of print — from greeting cards and business cards to posters, stationary and labels — and then have them printed out. Using the editor, users design and write the perfect template to best suit the needs of their creative endeavor. There are so many different ways to use Makr, and users can find unique way to include it in their class presentations and other classroom assignments. Although designed for an older audience, Makr is suited for children ages 8 and up, as it features no inappropriate content and is extremely user friendly.

this app is good for kids who need help with:


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Makr is an app that relies not only on creativity -- but on forethought. Users must think about their desired result before designing their template design. And since the designing process begins with a preexisting template, users do not have to face the dilemma of the "blank slate" where users have to envision and procure an entire design. For example, Makr's homescreen features templates for "business," "weddings," "home," "holiday," along with many more topics. From there, users choose a theme that coincides with their idea. Once users sift through a series of themes, they will be prompted to choose a format. Here users can change the color, text, and background of their project. Additional crop tools help users achieve a more exact aesthetic. Users then can opt to purchase PDF copies of their final products and print them where it's most convenient -- either in the home, or at a local CVS. While many of the project planning stages are incorporated into the design of the app, users still have to think about the nature and tone of idea they wish to convey, and use the appropriate design strategies and step-by-step design method that Makr so flawlessly employs.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Makr is all about the final product, which means users have to set realistic and achievable goals when envisioning a design. Goal-directed persistence is an important part of the focus thinking skill, and is a necessary learned skill when working with the Makr's templates. Younger users are likely to use the app to make birthday cards for family members, posters for parties, or graphics for class projects. If a birthday card is the final goal, users must think about the person they are giving the card to, and then work to fine-tune their creation until it genuinely reflects the final product they were aiming for. It's important that users are cognizant of the steps it takes to carry out an idea -- especially when that ideas is centered around a certain theme.

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