Patterned is an Apple Arcade exclusive puzzle game where you are putting the pieces together in a puzzle to create beautiful and unique patterns. When the player chooses a […]

Pinkfong’s ABC Phonics


Pinkfong’s 123 Numbers Is an educational app designed to introduce your child to identifying upper and lowercase letters, writing them out on a screen, and identifying the sounds each […]

Tiny Crossword


Tiny Crossword is an Apple Arcade game where the player completes crossword puzzles in order to move along through various countries on a map. The clues for each puzzle […]



Tangerine is a self-care app that focuses on mood tracking, habit forming, and journaling. The user logs into the app and can then choose to set up the positive […]

Pokemon Masters EX


Pokemon Masters EX is a mobile game where you play as a Pokemon trainer who goes on adventures and hopes to compete in the Pokemon Master League. As you […]



Possessions is a 3D puzzle game where the player is constantly shifting perspective by rotating and zooming in and out to place objects within a room. Through 33 different […]

Planny 5


Planny is an organization app that allows the user to keep track of all of their important tasks and plan ahead by scheduling tasks for future dates. The user […]



Subnautica is a first person adventure survival game where you play as a member of a spaceship that has crash landed on a strange planet. Completely alone and with […]



Cozi is a family calendar and organizational app where multiple people can add events, assign chores, and check off tasks in To Do lists. The basic form of the […]

Boggle With Friends


Boggle With Friends is a word game where players try to create as many words as they can within a time limit. They do this by touching the mobile […]

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