Pinkfong’s ABC Phonics

LQ: 9.4


Brain grade: 9.5
Fun score: 9.3

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,


Pinkfong’s 123 Numbers Is an educational app designed to introduce your child to identifying upper and lowercase letters, writing them out on a screen, and identifying the sounds each letter makes. The app does this through instructional guides, songs, and simple click games. The child using the app receives a star each time they complete a letter tracing activity. When five activities are completed, they get to choose a card from three options–these are word flashcards which get added to their collection. 

The app also features funny photo frames where children can take selfies and put themselves into a frame featuring the abc’s. 

PinkFong’s ABC Phonics is free to download but will require purchasing the app to access all of the letters, games, and songs. It is available now on Android and iOS.

Pinkfong’s ABC Phonics helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Focus: Responding to salient rewards for short term tasks

Pinkfong’s ABC Phonics is a great way for younger children to begin to practice their focusing skills. The games are short in duration, helping the child practice sustaining their attention for shorter periods of time. This can also be practiced when the child clicks on and listens to any of the songs featured on the app. For children who are ready to practice focusing for longer periods of time, the games will continue to loop after the initial activity has been completed, leading to longer periods of play and learning. Asking children to practice writing their upper and lower case letters is also a good way of practicing focusing skills because the app takes each letter and makes the tracing process into a fun game, where tracing the letter becomes following a character on a path. 

Working Memory: Recalling and retaining information in our minds while working. 

Children can begin to practice with their working memory skills by playing the games in this app and tracing their upper and lowercase letters. Each game has a task which requires the child to access information in their brain about the alphabet, writing, and pronunciation while they are manipulating the objects on the screen or writing out their letters. Because each game is short in duration and has a limited number of options, this is a low-stakes way to begin to develop this skill within your child. 

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