Gudetma Tap!


Gudetama Tap! Is a click idle game where the user controls a camper and cooks up various types of gudetama, or lazy eggs. The player levels up by cooking […]

Find It!


 Find It is an item search game for toddlers and young children. The app opens and the user chooses from a variety of boxes on a shelf, each containing […]

Hollow Knight


Hollow Knight is a cross between a souls game and a metroidvania where the player controls a small helmeted character while exploring a labyrinthian dead city called Hallownest. The […]

Urban City Stories


Urban City Stories is a sandbox app where the user can play within a city with multiple characters by placing them into various scenarios and clicking on different interactive […]

Egg Inc.


Egg Inc. is an idle clicker game where you are a farmer who is trying to make money by raising tons and tons of chickens and collecting their eggs. […]

Smart Tasks


Smart Tasks is a To Do list and habit building app that uses easy color-coded labels to organize your activities and help you plan your schedule. The user opens […]



Kanbana is an organizational app where the user can create their own kanban task lists and color code items based on the different types of tasks they need to […]

Daily Hellos


  Daily Hellos is an app where the user engages in conversation with a partner or group of people based on themed questions. The app offers questions for relationships, families, […]

Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero is the latest game in the Subnautica franchise, set on the same underwater alien world from the original game. You play as Robin Ayou, a woman who […]


Bluebird is a task management app with a built in focus timer. The user adds tasks to a list, assigns them a time limit, priority, frequency, and how often they […]

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