Jobs for Kids with Slow Processing Speed

Kids with slow processing speed get things done slowly. They are often among the last in the classroom to complete an assignment or finish an exam, and it may take them hours to do their homework. Getting ready for school in the morning or completing simple chores can take an excessive amount of time. In our fast-paced ultra-efficient world, kids with slow processing speed are often unable to keep up. Educators question whether there will be jobs for kids with slow processing speed in the future, when they are adults with slow processing speed in an even faster-paced society.

Parents often express concern that their kids with slow processing speed will not be able complete their education or get a rewarding job due to the rapidly changing and highly demanding expectations in the world of work. While there are many areas of study and occupations where speed is essential, when we step back and take our time to think it is easy to see that many kids with slow processing speed have qualities that makes them a great fit for specific types of jobs.

Parents and teachers need to help kids with slow processing speed identify their personal strengths, particularly those that are not negatively impacted by slow processing speed. Maybe a child is especially creative or artistic, interested in design, data analysis, researching, or helping others. Kids with slow processing speed can flourish in activities in which taking the time to listen and to get to know someone is vital. They also do well where attention to detail is more important than how quickly one does things.

Here are a few ideas for jobs for kids with slow processing speed:

Therapists, counselors (people who take time to listen) –  A therapist is someone who is professionally trained to help people deal with their problems. This career may suit kids with slow processing speed because it requires them to sit patiently and listen to people as they analyze and create interventions to help them cope with their problems.

Art restoration – Art restorers conserve and repair various forms of art such as paintings, drawings, and sculptures that have been damaged or decayed over time. This career may suit kids with slow processing speed because art restoration is a time and labor intensive job that requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail.

Auditor – Auditors examine financial records to ensure that they are accurate and that taxes are paid accurately and on time. They also work to ensure that the financial operations of organizations run effectively and efficiently. This career may be good for individuals who process information slowly because auditing is a very meticulous job that requires people to work carefully and slowly to ensure that financial information is correct. This career is less about speed and more about accuracy.

Restaurant inspector – Restaurant inspectors conduct examinations of restaurants and other public food establishments to ensure that health and sanitation rules are being followed. This career may suit kids with slow processing speed because it requires individuals who are meticulous and detail oriented to ensure that health codes are being followed. This career is less about speed and more about protecting the health of the public by conducting thorough inspections.

Can you recommend a good job for someone with slow processing speed? Do you have slow processing speed? What do you do for a living? Tell us in the comments or come talk to us on Facebook!

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3 thoughts on “Jobs for Kids with Slow Processing Speed

  1. Can you recommend any apps or games that help young adults with processing speed and visual processing difficulties? I’d appreciate any help or direction you can give.

    I’m also interested in any other career ideas that anyone posted in response to this topic.

    Thank you.

  2. My daughter has very slow processing but she’s great at many things. She’s a fantastic musician so a career in music is most certainly suited to her. She could be a composer, a music therapist, she has no problem with performance as she does not lack confidence. She could even do pre recorded lessons on you tube. If it’s not live she could take as long as she wanted. So many social media roles would work as they aren’t live and can be rehearsed and planned.
    SPORT CAREER. She’s fantastic at abseiling, swimming and skiing!! DANCING!! She could be a dancer, photographer. There are so many!!
    And fundraiser. Her processing skills are very slow. Her short term memory is poor but when it comes to money it increases!! She’s raised money so far for barnados and cancer research. Her problems have made her a very determined individual!!!

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