Games and Apps for Kids with Slow Processing Speed

Do you use a calculator to help you with math problems? Do you search the internet to do research instead of going to the library and looking through books?

Most people today would say yes, because computers are much faster than people. This is particularly true if you have what psychologists call slow processing speed, which  mostly means that you do homework, chores, and other tasks slowly. Fortunately, there are many games and apps that can support and help you to process information more quickly. Here are some of the best technologies and apps to help kids with slow processing speed:

Keep track of your time.

  • Use a watch or a fitness tracker to keep track of how much time you spend on your homework.
  • Try timing yourself on an app such as 30/30 and record your times in a diary.

Do puzzles.

  • Puzzles are a great way to get better at processing what you see around you.
  • Try real puzzles or puzzle games such as Summation.
  • These can teach you great thinking skills to help you process faster.

Find games to help you.

  • Many games can help you process information faster.
  • Racing games such as Bacon Escape and action/FPS games such as Star Wars Battlefront are great for practicing processing of  information.
  • However, remember to play them for only a little while each day.


Featured image: Flickr user Wesley Fryer

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