Summertime Reading for Reluctant Readers

Summer is a great time for reluctant readers to discover a love for literature. It is a time where there are no deadlines or book reports. Summer is an opportunity for a child to choose the books she reads, and whether she “reads” them by listening, sounding out the words, or by reading along with highlighted text. Summer is also a chance to practice reading skills with engaging apps and games that take the homework out of reading and make it an adventure rather than a chore.

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The key to getting a reluctant reader to put in the time and practice to become a competent reader is to make it fun.  So the team at LearningWorks for Kids has compiled  some great ebooks, apps, and traditional hardbound kid’s books to help. We can also direct you to some great strategies and prescriptions  that can help kids to want to read. Here are some of our best ideas and recommendations:

1.  Get Amazon Whispersync. Whispersync connects an audiobook to an electronic book while highlighting the words that are being spoken. Amazon refers to this as immersion reading, as it will “ immerse you in a story by narrating and highlighting the text as you read. It sparks an extra connection that boosts engagement, comprehension, and retention, taking you deeper into the book.”  Many very  popular kid’s books are available in this format.

2.  Read an ebook that highlights text and reads aloud to a beginning reader. This way a child can read with you or by herself. One of our favorites is Jack and the Beanstalk, by Nosy Crow.

3.  Find the best interactive ebooks for older kids. We like the Seashores to Sea Floors app, a great interactive book and educational tool from Crack the Books.

4.  Use a fun apps or games that encourage reading. Find great apps and games that are easy to use and make reading a tool for exploring interests.

5.  Find an exciting  book series that has interesting characters to connect to and a sense of mystery or adventure.  Here are some of our favorite series, with appropriate ages:

Magic Treehouse (Ages 5-7)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Ages 8-11)

Artemis Fowl (Ages 9-12)

Ranger’s Apprentice (Ages 10-13)  

The Legend Series (Ages 11-15)

The Inheritance Cycle (Ages 12+)

The most important thing is to get your child to enjoy books. Whether it be comic books, ebooks, or audiobooks, help her to see how much fun learning from books can be!

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