LW4K Picks: Essential Apps for Time Management

Time Management is a very useful and important skill for young learners, as it helps them to prioritize tasks and accurately judge how long they will take to complete. It helps children to better manage multiple class assignments and anticipate the time needed to complete long-term school projects.

From finding the best time to do homework, to keeping track of due dates and class projects, budgeting time wisely plays a big role in academic success. Luckily, there are some great apps for Time Management which offer simple, easy ways to help kids manage time wisely, avoid procrastination, and understand the time needed to complete their tasks.

Essential Apps for Time Management:

mytime organizermytime Organizer:

Both short-term and long-term tasks can be organized in single blocks of time with mytime Organizer. All tasks are sorted into specific project folders which are typically organized by theme or subject. myTime Organizer denotes the amount of time each task within a certain category should take. Once users begin that activity, the countdown begins.



30/30 is designed to help users stay on-task. Not only does a stopwatch begin to run when it’s time for an activity to begin, it will vibrate at intervals, notifying the users when they are running out of time. Of course, the clock can be edited and extra time added on, but it important that users to try and complete their tasks within the predetermined time frame. Users are able to incorporate separate “Work” and “Break” times into each 30/30 entry, allowing them a break from an activity without interrupting the stopwatch.


For busy parents of children with even busier schedules, Any.do offers an excellent way to teach kids how to plan out a schedule and budget their time. The app features a sleek, minimalistic design, and allows users to file tasks into “tomorrow,” “upcoming,” or “someday.” Tasks can be assigned varying levels of importance, helping children prioritize their duties, and helpful reminders can be set as due dates approach. Schedules can be easily built in calendar view, which lets users drag and drop tasks into specific time slots.



For a more academic approach to time management, consider downloading inClass. This scheduling app is geared towards middle-school, high-school, and college-aged students, and lets users add class times, professors, homework, and due dates to their calendar. inClass is also a handy study tool, as it lets users attach recorded content, files, and notes to each reminder, For older kids starting to manage large school work loads, InClass offers an excellent way to help them stay on top of assignments. 

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